Our Team & Philosophy

Our team of Nurses and Staff were pioneers of medical aesthetics in the UK. We’ve built up a lot of experience and we have learned some valuable lessons along the way. After over 12 very successful years we have built a national reputation. We are expanding by helping others operate a professional aesthetic business under the Qutis brand. We are currently meeting and interviewing potential franchise candidates who have expressed a wish to operate their own practice under the Qutis brand. Qutis has a very clear mission.

Specialist Nurses Provide Botox Injections

Qutis is based on our first clinic, MBNS in Thame, Oxfordshire, founded by Marea Brennan Thorns. Marea built an advanced skin clinic founded the principles of care and medical skill learned in her nursing profession. This means we all believe in full patient consultation and in taking time to really understand what our clients wish to achieve. We then deliver skin rejuvenation treatments and clinical excellence which meets their personal requirements and ensures they are satisfied and will share this with friends. BOTOX is a registered drug and needs a full face to face consultation before treatment. Marea is an Advanced Nurse Prescriber, with a Nurse Independent Prescriber (NIP) qualification. This means she and some of our other nurses, with the NIP qualification can prescribe and treat, usually in the same appointment.

Training and Professional Development

This desire to be excellent is supported by a commitment to furthering professional self-development and acquiring higher qualifications. We know this has meant that our team is now one of the most sought after in the country. This is also why we are often asked, to teach train and mentor other medical practitioners.

Plastic Surgeon and Doctor Associates

The ethos at Qutis and MBNS is to deliver the highest standards of skin rejuvenation medicine to patients. Qutis have built a multi disciplinary team of aesthetic nurse specialists, an aesthetic practice doctor, a visiting consultant plastic surgeon and laser therapists. This gives our clients confidence they are choosing the best and safest team for their treatment.

Thousands of Satisfied Customers

We have thousands of clients on our database who have now experienced our medical care, empathy and adherence to best clinical practice. We have developed excellent long-term relationships with our patients, most of whom undertake a range of treatments. Many of them have been with us for several years. We take great care never to underestimate the trust which clients place in us. Listening to concerns and then selecting precisely the correct treatments are paramount at Qutis. Client referrals and ‘word of mouth’ are key to our reputation and business success. With this in mind we have specific appropriate client marketing and referral schemes to encourage clients to share their experiences with friends.


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