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Qutis Patient Care Philosophy

Our Philosophy of patient care is to provide safe, appropriate and high quality medical aesthetic treatments for face and body.

Patient care & Safety is our first priority.

Appropriate means we take time to listen to patients, understand what they want and how much they want to spend on themselves. We combine this with our training and experience to select the most suitable treatments for each individual.

Being high quality means we invest in staff and Nurse training, selecting the most effective products and maintaining the highest treatment standards.

Our model is based on the highly successful MBNS clinic in Oxfordshire, where the practitioners have over 30 years of experience in facial and body aesthetic treatments. We have trained many of today’s leading practitioners in these techniques, including Nurses, Doctors, Dentists and Surgeons. The MBNS team were early pioneers and are well known in the industry for their skill and high service.

Marea has chaired the Aesthetic Nurse forum and was responsible for developing the written ‘competencies’ now used in this medical specialty. MBNS is a centre of excellence and is the training venue for Qutis.

Qutis cover Oxfordshire and beyond, from Clinics in Witney and Thame. You can contact us here and ask a question or request an appointment.

You can also find your nearest clinic contact details here.


Stephen Thorns

Co-Founder and Managing Director

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