Persistent Jaw Clenching

Persistent jaw clenching can result in pain and misery and the routine wearing of a bite guard in bed at night. Botox injections can be used after consultation, to treat this condition.

Botox to Relax Jaw Clenching

Some reports state that as many as 25% of people suffer from persistent jaw clenching, a condition which can be caused by habitual jaw clenching movements, or the natural dental anatomy. Persitent jaw clenching can lead to pain, frustration stress and anger.

Often patients may seek dental advice and sometimescan be successfully treated by your dentist.

If you have this condition you may also notice the following about yourself:
• A square-looking jaw or a recently acquired square-looking jaw.
• An asymmetric look to your jaw.

If you have followed all the above and still suffer from jaw clenching, please note that at Qutis we are experienced in the use of a muscle relaxing botox injection treatment, usually to correct excessive facial expressions which can result in unwanted wrinkles and lines. We also use botox injection to help patients who suffer with excessive underarm sweating. Nowadays, after reviewing studies within the medical literature, Qutis are successfully helping people with persistent jaw clenching.

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