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Skin Care Products

Great Skin is more than Botox

We offer a carefully selected range of Skin Care products. Most of these products contain active ingredients and should only be used after a skin consultation so they can be selected to suit your skin type. Most products are not available in shops but can only be found in specialist skin clinics. Over the last 12 years we have filtered out products which as less effective and retained those we feel suit our customers best.

Why Sun Screen is Important

Here’s a great video found by one of our nurses, which shows how the sun sees your skin;

iS Clinical

INNOVATIVE SKINCARE (iS Clinical) are based in California and are dedicated to bringing highly effective, clinically validated skincare products to people everywhere. These products have scientifically supported results are are very effective.

iS Clinical

iS Clinical has carefully assembled a team of world-renowned pharmacologists and physicians, who are responsible for some of today’s greatest advances in the fields of skincare and anti-aging medicine. Our team is comprised of experts in the fields of botanical pharmacology, molecular biology, biochemistry and medicine which help us develop new products that ensure the best results for our clients. Each project is managed and directed by our CEO Bryan Johns and our Clinical Director Dr. Charlene DeHaven. We view the resulting information and our sources as proprietary in nature and, in this competitive marketplace, we have chosen to maintain the confidentiality of the names and affiliations of our panel of experts.

We at Qutis have met the owners and developers of this product range and believe it to be one of the most effective ranges on the market. We also sell these products through the MBNS online shop. Different products are selected for different skin treatments, the following are some of the most common;

The Nature, Causes & Treatment of Acne Skin Condition

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The Nature, Causes and Treatment of Dry Skin

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Skin Aging

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