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Thread Veins and Sclerotherapy

We no longer provide this treatment.

Many of our dermal fillers & Botox patients may go on to have treatments of their thread veins. And some people visit it us just to have their leg thread veins treated.

Thread veins on the legs, although not a serious health problem can cause discomfort and embarrassment to many people, leading to a loss of self esteem, particularly as clothing choices become restricted. Many people who have thread veins find them unsightly and often attempt to conceal them with clothing or cosmetic cover ups, the results of which are often disappointing. Today, a simple treatment called Sclerotherapy can provide the solution.

Thread veins (often referred to as “spider veins”) on the legs, although not a health problem can cause discomfort and embarrassment, as well as restricting clothing choices. The good news is you no longer have to put up with them!

What is Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy, is a technique which has been widely used for many years, involves the injection of a small amount of vein dissolving medicine into the thread vein. The medicine irritates the cells lining the vein, causing the walls to collapse and disappear as they are re-absorbed by the body.

Some patients report a slight stinging sensation which lasts for just a few seconds.

After some initial redness you may observe some improvement with each treatment. You can expect to see an overall reduction of your thread veins in a period of 12-24 weeks, where they will gradually fade, depending on their severity. Usually 2-3 treatments are required, although some areas may require several injections to achieve optimum results.

Thread Veins Before and After Sclerotherapy Treatment

Thread veins before sclerotherapy treatment
Thread Veins Before Sclerotherapy Treatment
Thread Veins After Sclerotherapy
Thread Veins After Sclerotherapy

You should avoid alcohol, vigorous exercise and hot baths for 48 hours.

You are required to wear tubigrip for 24 hours following treatment.

At the consultation our nurse will usually inform you of treatment considerations. Not all people are suitable for this treatment, suitability can only be established by our nurse during the consultation. If you are taking any medicines including the birth pill, please tell our nurse. Some people experience a little redness or puffiness, but this should subside within a few days. Treatment can be carried out at any time of the year, although many people chose autumn, winter & the spring to be ready for summer bare legs!

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