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Look Your Natural Best

“Look Your Natural Best” is our purpose.

The phrase also works as a memorable web address; We use this for radio advertising across all of our clinics. It captures in four words what we do for our customers. We do not fundamentally change people or the way the look, but we do help them restore their appearance and combat the signs of aging. A child born now has a life expectancy of 100 years. In the same way we like to control our weight or colour our grey hair many of us want to look as young as we feel.

Providing a Natural Look

Our treatments aim to provide an Natural look, so when injecting Botox for example, our nurse specialists will aim to retain some muscle movement rather than produce a ‘frozen forehead’ which can look false and too obvious for many of our customers. We are specialist in the treatments we provide and we seek to understand first what our customers want. Consultation is a vital part of the process and allows you to discuss treatments with a professional.

Age Gracefully

Many people don’t want or expect to look like a hollywood film star, but as we live longer many people want to look as young as they feel. Sometimes people feel a certain pressure in their job to look younger or at least look fresh and presentable. How we look often affects the way other people view us. Many customers do not even want to reverse the signs of ageing but would like to slow down the ageing process of their skin.

Reduce Sun Damage

Sun damage is a major cause of skin ageing. We stock a selected and highly effective range of Skin Care Products including iS Clinical Sun Protection Factor (SPF 25). This can be used daily instead of a moisturiser with the added benefit of providing a highly effective sunscreen. The product also works effectively as an aftersun treatment. We find many customers find this is all they need, especially when travelling on holiday. This and many other products including ID Bare Minerals make-up are available in all clinics and from our on-line shop.

Contact Us

Contact us today if you would like a NO OBLIGATION consultation at our Witney or Thame clinics. We can help you “Look Your Natural Best”.

The Qutis Team.

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