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Botox Before and After Photographs

Botox Before and After

These Botox before and after photographs show how this treatment can also be used to enhance a Natural Symmetrical Smile. Here we have used Botox to correct an exposed gum smile, often called a “gummy smile”. Botox is used to relax the lip muscle allowing it to stay lower and cover more of the gum when smiling. This is another use for Botox alongside our most common procedure for relaxing frown lines.

Botox Before and After (below)

smile before botox

After Treatment with Botox

smile after botox

This patient is a full time mum and in her consultation asked if we could reduce (in her words) her “gummy smile”. This was something which had concerned her for many years, but she was noticing it more often in recent photographs and this was causing her to feel self conscious when she smiled.

We agreed a treatment plan of using small doses of BOTOX® prescribed injections to reduce the levitator muscle action at the outer base of the nose which will in turn reduce the upper lip from hyper contracting and lifting.

This patient also enquired as to if we could correct her natural asymmetry to her smile, where her right upper lip lifted more than her left. This was achieved by increasing the dose to her right levitator muscle. 

Two weeks later a follow up appointment was made as is normal practice. The result was a natural symmetrical smile, that revealed less of the gums and increased her confidence.

Non-Surgical Facelift

The master nurse injectors at Qutis clinic, will expertly clinically assess your face. Devising a treatment plan which can be built upon in stages over a year. Or as in the case below; a total injection facelift can be expertly achieved costing half the price of a surgical facelift.
Many patients come not just to correct a distraction on their faces but to listen to our opinion and tell us that our expertise makes a difference.

Patient Consultation

Lots of patients complain about facial lines and folds, forgetting what is most important – what is their face saying about them?
What do they really want to express when they see themselves in the world, as other people see them? What facial messages do they want to soften or make adjustments to?
Many customers say;
I want to look energised I want to look vital
I want to look slimmer faced
I want to look more feminine
I want to look my natural best
…so we tailor their treatment to give them the best possible result and help them to achieve their appearance goals.

Nose Reshaping

This patient perfectly illustrates how her consultation questionnaire is used to indicate her feelings and objectives.


Juvederm: to Replace Lost Facial Volume

Kerrie is a 42 year old single mum. She felt like she looked too thin and a bit ‘frowny’. Juvederm Volift dermal filler was used in her brow furrows and her under eye ‘tear troughs’ were also addressed in this way. Juvederm Voluma was injected into her midface to provide structure & volume. Her lips were sensitively rebalanced. Kerrie said she felt refreshed and more confident.

Juvederm Before and After

Juvederm filler treatment for facial volume front

Juvederm Before and After

Juvederm filler treatment for facial volume profile

Left side showing treatment plan markings on Kerrie’s face. Right side showing fuller lateral cheeks & forward projection of Kerrie’s lips. Extra rounding of Kerrie’s chin softens her profile. Kerry will return for her medical review in 4 weeks, allowing for tissue integration into her implanted dermal filler. Kerrie can expect an even better and increasing result as her body’s own collagen is stimulated by dermal filling.

Aesthetic Injection Face-Lift for Jo

Before and after photographs really highlight the impact of dermal fillers and botox treatments for Jo. This case study shows the impact that can be achieved without the need for surgical intervention and the risks and costs associated, not to mention the much reduced recovery time. You may download a copy of our Qutis Treatment Guidelines here for more information on how to prepare. You can view our full list of treatments here. We have a men’s treatments page here, with a couple of male before and after photos and a video. You can view a selection of customer comments or request an appointment with a Nurse or Specialist.

Copy of Jo Daykin before and afters (1) Copy of Jo Daykin before and afters (2)   Copy of Jo Daykin before and afters (3) Copy of Jo Daykin before and afters (4) Copy of Jo Daykin before and afters (5) Copy of Jo Daykin before and afters (6) Copy of Jo Daykin before and afters (7) Copy of Jo Daykin before and afters (8)

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