Emma Mills: Laser Practitioner

Emma Mills joined Qutis Clinic Witney in the role of Laser Practitioner in June 2016.

Prior to working at Qutis, Emma worked with spa hotel group Soho house as a skin care specialist providing facial treatments, gaining valuable skills and experience. Emma also worked with the Estee Lauder group for several years as a skin care consultant.

Emma Mills - Laser Practitioner
Emma Mills – Laser Practitioner

Emma joined the MBNS and Qutis group having completed a NVQ level II and III Diploma in beauty therapy. Emma completed her Laser core of knowledge in June 2016.

Qutis in Emma’s own words

I had been a patient at Qutis Witney for many years receiving Fire & Ice facials and I have been using the iS clinical range to resolve my acne. I had previously tried many products and prescriptions over the years with nothing giving me results of iS clinical.

My acne has cleared and my skin is the best it has ever been, I have complete confidence in the products and treatments we offer at Qutis Clinic. I am able to advise others of how to treat their problem skin and it feels amazing to be able to help patients in the same way the Qutis specialist practitioners helped to transform my skin years ago”.  

Emma also works at our MBNS Clinic in Thame. She says “It is great to be part of a bigger team and work across two clinics. The level of high quality service is consistent over both clinics, in fact many patients visit both Qutis and MBNS depending on what is more convenient for them appointment wise”.


Treatments offered by Emma at Qutis Witney and MBNS Thame include:

Laser hair removal & IPL technology offers a gentle, non-invasive, long lasting solution to unwanted hair.

IPL & Radio Frequency Skin Tightening, treats a variety of conditions including red veins, age spots, sun damage, stretch marks and pigmentation. Radio Frequency is used to tighten skin typically at the side of the face and jaw line.

Collagen PIN, If you have pigment, fine lines or even scars, your skin will benefit from the Collagen PIN and look clearer, healthier and smoother.

Skin Peels, The Fire and Ice Skin Peel is an innovative and powerful facial which is, anti-aging, smoothing, softening and hydrating!

Emma has two daughters and feels very strongly about setting a positive example to them, she says:

“I want my daughters to grow into confident, healthy young women who can achieve their goals. With social media and celebrities focusing so much on appearance I try to praise my girls on their confidence, kindness, effort in school and positive attitude. We are much more educated today about protecting our skin for the future and I am teaching my daughters that Sunscreen is the essential item for all young ladies (and some of us older ones too)”.