Facelift – The gentler approach

Non Surgical Facelift

We are often asked about a non-surgical facelift, as many patients say  “How can I look my best without succumbing to the surgeon’s knife?”

A combination of several treatments often has a dramatic effect and clients repIMG_3286ort friends saying they look five or ten years younger. A combination of our treatments can be much less than a surgical facelift and with only a fraction of the recovery time.

We refer to this premium combination of key treatments as a non-surgical or MBNS face-lift. Typically we would include the following subject to a clients suitability;


  • A course of photo-rejuvenation.
  • A fire and ice light facial peel and  our advanced skin-health care ranges.
  • Botulinum Toxin cosmetic therapy for the brow and crows feet lines, jaw-line and mouth corner lift.
  • Wrinkle filler injections for the deeper nose to mouth lines.
  • Lip enhancement procedure (returning lips back to their original natural fullness is a real youth enhancement tip).
  • Restorative three dimensional volume lifting to the cheeks and jowls.
  • Regular collagen stimulating injections such as Radiesse.   Give your face “The Liquid Lift”.
  • Give your skin a big drink, improves elasticity and skin-tone. Provides long-term moisturisation from within!


Prices vary by individuals but are only a fraction of a surgical procedure and with no expensive time off work or restrictions on social activities.


Before and After
Before and After

We have appointments available over 6 days in our two Oxfordshire clinics. A full consultation with a nurse specialist will give you all the information and advice for you to make a decision about treatment options. 


We also have payment plans available for most treatments.

“Overall it makes me feel much happier, more confident and excited. I didn’t think that I could afford it but I can. My payment plan is interest free and the monthly payments are not something that I notice as I am not spending as much on other beauty products and cosmetics that I used to buy on the High Street.”

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