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Penny King RN NIP

Nurse Practitioner Training

Penny King, is the newest addition to our nursing team. Although new to us Penny is an experienced and highly trained nurse who is qualified to write prescriptions – as required for Botox.

Penny King
Penny King RN NIP

Penny started her career as a Civilian Registered Nurse with the British Army in Germany. She then returned to the UK and following a Theatre Nurse role and entered Primary Care as a Practice Nurse. Penny later became Lead Nurse for Boots Health Clinics.

In 2003 Penny completed a Nurse Practitioner Degree and Nurse Independent Prescriber qualification at Oxford Brookes University. After which she worked as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in General Practice and an NHS walk-in centre; assessing, diagnosing and treating a wide variety of patients.

Specialist Aesthetic Training

Penny King has more recently completed specific training in a range of aesthetic treatments both externally and in-house with Marea Brennan-Thorns our lead Nurse practitioner and accredited trainer.  By joining the team of experienced nurses at Qutis & MBNS Penny says she feels fortunate to be working alongside a team of nurses who can further develop her knowledge and skills. Penny recently attended specialist training in the administration of Botox injections and dermal fillers, co-ordinated by Allergan the manufacturers of Botox.

Penny King: My Injection Treatment.

Although I had always looked after my skin, I had begun to notice that when I looked in the mirror I was beginning to look a little tired. I decided that I wanted to freshen up my look.  My career in aesthetics was just beginning, so taking care of my skin was paramount however, I needed a little bit more help than just skincare.   I also wanted to experience treatments from a patient’s point of view and so decided to have some dermal fillers and botox treatment.

Penny King botox treatment
Penny King before and after
Penny King dermal facila filler treatment
Penny King before and after

My forehead, temple region, cheek area, chin, lips and folds from my nose to mouth were expertly filled with minimal discomfort by my nurse practitioner and immediately I was able to see that my facial structure had added volume and my face restored to the shape it had been when I was younger. I also had Botox injections which took effect  around 5-10 days after treatment, these relaxed my frown lines and lipstick lines around my mouth. I had some minor bruising for around a week, with slight discomfort for the first couple of days, which was relieved by taking paracetamol. Three weeks post treatment my face looks natural, volume restored in my cheeks, forehead, nose, lips, chin and my lines greatly reduced.

Look Your Natural Best

Family members and work colleagues have all commented on how well I  look and that I look natural and not as though I have had filler.  This is exactly what I wanted to achieve, and what I want to help achieve for my patients. The effects of the filler should be visible for around 12-18 months, I will have additional Botox Injections every 12 – 16 weeks to maintain my new look.


You can book an appointment with Penny at either Qutis Witney or MBNS Thame, please contact us for availability.