• Carey Mulligan in the Media - Is There Any Reason to have BOTOX at 25?

Carey Mulligan in the Media - Is There Any Reason to have BOTOX at 25?


Carey Mulligan, the 25 year old british actress who made her film debut in 'Pride and Prejudice' (2005) was in the press yesterday discussing a recent consultation with a Hollywood doctor who suggested BOTOX. The full article will be in Elle magazine in January.

Botox Treatment a Reasonable Suggestion

I asked Marea Brennan Thorns, an experienced Nurse Practitioner to comment on this; If Carey Mulligan was in consultation with a Dermatologist with reference to fine lines around the eyes it is not too surprising that Botox would have been suggested as a solution. We can assume she was at the Dermatologist's of her own volition, with a specific issue to discuss. Botox can be the simplest, least invasive way of achieving an excellent result AND if done well,  will leave plenty of muscle movement. We do see some people in their 20's who seek our opinion & Botox treatmentfor reducing frown lines, wrinkles or even to address excessive underarm sweating. The medicine Botulinum Toxin A (commonly available in several forms; BOTOX, VISTABEL, Xeomin, Bocuture, Azzalure)  is a safe & useful 'tool'. It is licenced for both cosmetic & therapeutic use in the UK for people between the ages of 18-65. So the answer to the Newspaper's question; "Is there any reason to have Botox at 25?" is Yes... sometimes. If your life is inhibited by embarrassing excessive underarm sweating or if you are disturbed by others frequently asking "Why do you frown so much?"  or  "Are you angry?"  when you are not angry, you may wish to do something about it. Using Botulinum Toxin A is quick, simple and effective. After all many people buy toothpaste with a whitening agent and many actors have cosmetic dentistry to look younger and healthier. If you do wish to seek a consultation the key point is to choose an experienced Nurse or Doctor practitioner, who provides treatment in a specialist clinic. Qutis Clinics specialise in Botox treatments in Witney, Abingdon and Thame. Some of our nurses also also able to prescribe so treatment can be in the same day. We offer face to face consultations which are currently free in Witney and Abingdon. Call 01993 704050 or request an appointment call back.

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