• Countryfile Pigs have Sunscreen but Presenter gets Sunburnt!

Countryfile Pigs have Sunscreen but Presenter gets Sunburnt!


Whilst watching this week's Country file on BBC, I noticed that the presenter Ellie Harrison had badly sunburnt arms and shoulders.  On the same TV program, Adam Hensen was shown applying sunscreen to his pigs!

Ellie we urge you to look after your skin & remember the responsibility you have as a TV role model, especially to young viewers. 

Sun Facts: More than two people under 35 in Britain are diagnosed every day with malignant melanoma - the most deadliest form of skin cancer. Cancer Research UK recently revealed there has been a tripling of melanoma rates among 15-35 year olds since the late 1970's. 

That's why we nurses at Qutis/MBNS always encourage our patients on each treatment visit to protect their skin from sun burn. 

Twin Value Sun Care: Maybe some people feel that £35 for a sunscreen is a lot to pay. However when you look at the iS Clinical Treatment SPF 25, not only is it a broad spectrum suncreen, it also reduces redness and is an anti-inflammatory treatment cream. A multi tasking & elegant product & good value when we realize that it does so many things! We believe this one of the best on the market and it really works and stops redness.

Marea Brennan Thorns is our Advanced Nurse Specialist and asks that all our patients receiving Laser/IPL treatments be extra vigilant and remember to apply an SPF of 25 regularly. Also check that it is in date.

You may also wish to click here to view our online shop to see other products we have carefully selected as part of our advanced skin care range.

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