• BBC Investigates BOTOX Prescribing

BBC Investigates BOTOX Prescribing


Recently on the BBC London Evening News there was an investigation into the practice of remote prescribing of Botulinum toxin-A or BOTOX® used for cosmetic injection purposes, such as wrinkle reduction. Botox is a prescription medicine and a new patient must have a prescription for a course of injections before treatment. A prescription can be given by a Nurse with an NIP (Nurse Independant Prescriber) qualification or by a Doctor. At Qutis we only consult face to face with potential patients, however some nurse practitioners appear to have used a doctor to provide a prescription remotely over the telephone. BBC radio 5 Live also covered the story by saying; "Adrian Goldberg presents cutting edge investigative journalism, as well as taking on listeners' campaigns and consumer issues. Some nurses are defying their own professional standards when it comes to administering Botox. Botox is a prescription-only drug and has to be prescribed by a specialist nurse or a doctor in a face-to-face consultation. But some nurses are defying their own professional regulator by using what's called a remote prescribing service. A remote prescriber is a doctor who is contacted on the phone and issues a prescription after talking to the patient - sometimes for just three or four minutes. But new instructions from the nursing regulator, the UK Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), say remote prescribing should not be used for Botox. The regulations have been tightened to improve patient safety. But some nurses seem intent on defying them. 5 Live Investigates asks why - and examines the role of a Harley Street practice that still offers remote prescribing. The BBC TV news story featured the case of a Harley Street doctor who provided prescriptions without actually seeing the patient. This was done via the Internet or via a phone call.We believe this to be unsafe and outside clinical guidelines.

Qutis Employ Qualified Nurse Prescribers (NIP)

Qutis & MBNS employ several Nurse Prescribers and a Doctor. Only 2% of nurses in this country hold the Independent Nurse Prescribing (NIP) qualification. We hold face to face prescription consultations with our own qualified nurse prescribers Marea Brennan Thorns, RN, NIP MSc and Adrian Baker, RN, NIP. We want our valued patients to know we operate all our clinics to the highest standards . In the early years years, before nurses could achieve a prescribing qualification, we employed a visiting GP and a Consultant Plastic Surgeon to carry out our medical assessment and patient suitability for Botox treatment. We want all to be assured that Qutis clinics provide all patients with professional, safe and compliant treatment and will always strive to aim higher in our level of service to you. Find your nearest Qutis Clinic & Book a FREE consultation with one of our independent nurse prescribers to find out more. You also request an appointment or a call back.

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