• Botox - One Price for Women & Men

Botox - One Price for Women & Men


Botox Injections

Botox Injections, Dermal Fillers and IPL Laser Hair Removal are our speciality at Qutis. We have a Nurse led team of specialist practitioners, some with over 15 experience. Many of our team also train new Doctors and Nurses in botox injection technique. We also use other products such as Xeomin to treat frown lines etc. Whilst we tend to treat mostly women we also have an increasing number of male botox customers. Male patients are often at a disadvantage in the pricing of Botox treatments. Often more Botox is needed for a Male Botox treatment when compared with a woman's Botox treatment. This is due to the strength and nature of the different facial muscles. As a consequence many clinics charge a premium for Male Botox Treatment.

New Male Botox Pricing

Male Botox Treatment Before & After At Qutis and MBNS Clinics we have broken the mould and offer Botox Treatments the same price for Men and Women.  We  feel strongly that everyone should be able to receive facial rejuvenation treatments at the same price without any gender prejudice. So if you occasionally hear "stop frowning darling" or "are you angry Dad?"  or "are you feeling tired?" and none of these apply then come and see one of our nurse specialists.  We have been in the anti ageing business for over 15 years now, consulting and treating thousands of patients in all areas of skin health.  Ranging from too much sun exposure on the golf course leaving unsightly brown spots and broken veins, to frown relaxing injections using botox and facial volume replacement using dermal fillers to add back some signs of youth where facial tissue has been lost or has dropped.  

15 Years Botox Experience & Thousands of Customers

Botox is a prescription only medicine. All our customers have a confidential, one to one consultation with an Advanced Nurse Prescriber who is specially qualified to prescribe medicine. This normally means a new customer can receive a consultation and have a treatment We have the latest technology to deliver a non surgical rejuvenation, revealing a fresher more relaxed you!  Our clinics are open Monday to Saturday with two late evenings, so call us on 01993 704050 or if you prefer you can request a consultation online with one of our highly trained and experienced team today.  We have four Specialist Aesthetic Nurses two of which are Independent Nurse Prescribers, several IPL Laser Hair Removal therapists a doctor and other staff all able to answer questions and provide different specialist services. We look forward to welcoming you to our clinic and helping you achieve your skin health goals! These pictures are taken from the BOTOX company website where they have many more excellent botox before and after treatment examples.

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