• Surgeons Comment on Botox Treatments

Surgeons Comment on Botox Treatments


Surgeons comment on Botox Treatments Recently the British Association of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) have commented that only surgeons should be able to provide Botox injections and Dermal filler treatments for wrinkle reduction such as Restylane. Botox Injections by Nurses Marea Brennan Thorns an independent advanced nurse practitioner, who works within Qutis Clinics in Witney and Abingdon, vehemently disagrees with this 'opinion' & goes on to say why; "British nurses have been employed by Botox and dermal filler companies to train surgeons as well as nurses since the development of cosmetic injectables in the early 1990s.  Surgeons as well as nurses do not train on cosmetic injectables during their medical degree qualification. It is only after qualifying that nurses as well as doctors may chose to specialise and study cosmetic medicine or surgery and so go on to study advanced anatomy & physiology.  Such study is required to become a skilled provider of Botox treatments and dermal filler injections.

UK Nurses Have Injection Experience

Nurses have a long and safe history of caring & treating patients for facial ageing. Many nurses who have practiced in their own nurse led clinics have BSc, MSc & Advanced nursing qualifications in prescribing (NIP) medicines as well as continuous professional development, including facial dissection workshops alongside doctors and surgeons. There are nurses who are specialist clinical practitioners & work safely & skilfully. Feedback from patients shows great support for specialist nurse practitioners and their medical aesthetics services." I guess what we are saying here is that it is dangerous to generalise. Quite clearly some nurses are very highly trained and experienced in the injection of Botox and Dermal filler treatments. Whereas, just having the title of surgeon does not automatically provide experience of Botox treatment and dermal fillers. The  provision of these treatments is a specialist area and requires specialist training as everybody involved agrees.

Experience & Qualifications

At Qutis Witney and Qutis Abingdon, our team of trained nurses have a 15 year background in training hundreds of medical practitioners, including surgeons and doctors.  Our nurse team is called upon to do this because they have such a long and wide experience and have attended many professional development courses centred around Botox treatments and dermal filler injections. We recommend that any individual seeking a Botox treatment or dermal filler treatment, seeks to understand the experience and qualifications of their practitioner. These are complex and serious medical procedures and occasionally complications can arise. Patients should consider carefully before having treatment and as with many things in life be aware that low price may mean low quality. These are some commonly asked Botox questions and answers, and you can also ask any question you may have through our website. We are here to provide excellent service and treatment to individual patients and customers.

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