• Botox Clinic Open Day Qutis Abingdon

Botox Clinic Open Day Qutis Abingdon


Botox Clinic Open Day Qutis Abingdon

Last week Qutis Abingdon enjoyed a very successful week despite the weather trying to dampen the spirits! As a private advanced skin clinic, Qutis specialises in Botox treatment, dermal fillers, IPL laser hair removal and other advanced medical beauty treatment. As a new business we find it very valuable to invite new and potential customers to the clinic, where they can ask questions in a relaxed atmosphere and understand the treatments we provide and perhaps enjoy some refreshment!

IPL Laser Hair Removal explained

On Wednesday 26th of September, we hosted a lunchtime and evening Open Day at Qutis in Abingdon. Some of the guests replied to an invitation and may have made an earlier enquiry. However we were also very pleased to welcome so many new faces who just dropped in for a drink, some nibbles and to ask a few questions about Botox treatments, dermal fillers, IPL laser hair removal or to understand some of the iS clinical and bare minerals products which we specialise in. This was also a very good reason to duck out of the bad weather.

Botox before and after photographs

You may remember the weather was very very wet, with an absolute deluge of hailstones - enough to put off the hardiest customer. So we were pleasantly surprised that the weather did not seem to affect the number of guests who joined us. We were able to give time for individual consultations, which are always greatly appreciate, together with a £25 Gift Voucher. Many people are often keen to see examples of treatments particularly Botox before and after photographs as well as dermal filler treatments and IPL laser hair removal examples. We also had several enquiries about acne treatment which can be dealt with very effectively using some of our clinical grade skincare products.

Free skin consultations

All consultations and treatment are performed by qualified and experienced nurses and/or trained laser therapists. Some of our nurse team have over 15 years experience of Botox and dermal filler treatments. We believe that as Qutis specialise in aesthetic medical treatments we are well placed to serve the needs of customers in Abingdon.  

Supporting specialist nurses

To show support for a fantastic cause in Abingdon, on Friday 28th September, we joined in the Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning in aid of MacMillan Nurses Cancer support. The balloons drew attention to our door and many people dropped in for a cup of coffee and cake. We had a delicious foray of cakes donated by our staff, crowned by our receptionist's mum's superb Victoria Sponge! Generous donations amounted to £86.00 - so thanks to one and all!!

Specialist skin clinic

Obviously, being a specialist skin clinic means we have an understanding of skin cancer and are able to provide products and treatments which can minimise this risk. The iS clinical Skincare range has several products including a very effective sunscreen which can minimise the damage caused by over exposure to the sun.

Next open day

We are planning our next Open Day on Saturday November 17th and we are looking for another great response, and all enquiries are welcome.

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