Why I have Botox


Whilst enjoying a meal and a few drinks with my girlfriends over the weekend, I was happy to share my excitement with them, about having my second Botox treatment next week. Being in my 20's you may think I'm too young and that there is no need wouldn't you? "Prevention is better than cure" is what Marea Brennan Thorns one of our highly knowledgeable nurse practitioners would say.

Why I have Botox in my 20's

forehead before botox Moving my eyebrows up and down, showing my friends I ask, "can you see why I have it done now?" "oh yes!" they reply, "your strong frown lines are back!" I explain that "I have strong movement in my forehead area and I found myself frowning a lot. This increases the risk of frown lines developing and giving me a dull tired look and lines that would only get worse as I got older" 3 months ago I had my first Botox treatment at Qutis in Abingdon and I have never been so delighted. My results started to show around 4 days after my treatment giving me a brighter new fresh faced look and all lines completely smoothed out.

Botox in the Press

Looking natural, glowing and still having movement its amazing how it makes you feel and despite Botox treatment being criticised by some in the papers.  I have asked myself why have Botox and other facial cosmetic procedures, such as dermal fillers been judged so harshly by some? Maybe its because there are some cases out there where some celebs have gone a bit over the top. There seems to be very little positive news about how clever & simple this medicine actually is.

Botox for excessive sweating

Botox is also used to treat hyperhidrosis, a condition that causes severe under arm sweating affecting some people's everyday life.

Look Your Natural Best!

my botox story I would like to¬†emphasise¬†that its not about how old we are its about the way our skin is at the time and how non-invasive procedures can give it a natural boost and so prevent us from ageing as quickly. I will still grow old gracefully but a little more slowly with the help of Botox!   Qutis Clinics in Abingdon and Witney and their sister clinic MBNS in Thame all specialise in Botox treatments, dermal fillers and IPL laser hair removal. Qutis have a range of¬†treatments¬†and provide a list of Botox frequently asked questions. Book your FREE consultation today and speak to one of highly experienced nurse¬†practitioners¬†to find out what Botox is really all about and how it may be able to help you Look Your Natural Best!

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