• BBC News - 'Ban non-medics from giving Botox'

BBC News - 'Ban non-medics from giving Botox'


BBC News - 'Ban non-medics from giving Botox'. Botox Witney Treatment The Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) have released a statement today concerning Botox Treatments. The BBC cover the full story.  Although the Royal College of Surgeons are not a regulatory body their views are taken seriously by the Department of Health.

Surgeons Support Nurse Botox Treatments

It is great that nurses are very definitely included along with our doctor colleagues so long as they are properly trained & have the appropriate skills to deliver Botox and Dermal Fillers. Non medically trained  therapists are  identified as not having the correct skills or qualifications to prescribe and or administer 'appearance altering' injections into the skin. Beauty salons have been named as not being a suitable venue for cosmetic injections such as Botox. At Qutis and MBNS only trained registered Nurses perform Botox & Dermal filler injections. Some of the team such as Ruth (also an RN), Gayle & Cheryl are indeed Advanced Beauty Therapists & are certificated to carry out Laser Therapies under our guidance. Their training & competence in these specialist areas is a vital part of what Qutis also offer. Qutis welcomes all enquiries and encourage customers to review the staff profiles and qualifications on our website. Marea Brennan Thorns RN NIP MSc. Independent Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Aesthetic Medicine

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