• Sharron Davies happy to use Botox & Fillers

Sharron Davies happy to use Botox & Fillers


Sharron Davies Botox Story

Push-ups, pizza and a bit of Botox. How to look this good at 50! Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies reveals her beauty secrets

In the Daily Mail today Sharron Davies explains she believes Botox and Fillers are an important way for her keeping in shape and looking young. Obviously you can train hard and have a superb diet but looking young requires a few extra tricks to complete the picture. I used to train and swim for a club, at nothing like Sharon's standard of course, but it was hard work and you have to be disciplined. Sharron even presented me with a certificate and I had my photo taken with her - a highlight of a 14-year-old's diary! Many women are extremely disciplined about exercise and what they eat, but many also come to us for our experience of Botox Injections and Lip and Dermal Fillers.

Hair Removal for Swimmers or Beach

Athletes, especially swimmers and cyclists will often have our IPL Laser Hair Removal treatments to give them an edge and improve performance. We also have loads of customers who just want to look good on the beach. It about whatever your reason is that counts. We've had 15 years of treating satisfied customers and our Nurses at Qutis Witney, Abingdon and Thame are some of the best qualified and most experienced in the country. After 15 years of providing Botox Treatments in Oxfordshire we have built up trust and detailed knowledge with our customers which really make s a difference.

Botox not just for Celebrities

Botox and Fillers used to be only for celebrities and the rich, now these treatments are accepted by ordinary people as easily as having your hair coloured. We all take steps to look attractive, this makes us feel good - so what's wrong with that? When you feel good about yourself you are more helpful and supportive to others, it's what makes the world go round. We help all our customers and we can help you "Look Your Natural Best".

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