• Art Exhibition at Witney Botox Clinic

Art Exhibition at Witney Botox Clinic


There is more to botox and dermal fillers than just injecting. Is there a connection between art and facial aesthetics? We believe we can learn a little more about facial beauty from a professional artist. London Painter, Angelique Hartigan, shares artist tips with our Aesthetic Nurses and displays a selection of her art for sale at Qutis Witney. Pop Up Art Exhibition and Open Weekend at Facial Aesthetic Clinic, QUTIS CLINIC, 28 Corn Street, Witney. 16,17,18th March 2013. “Beauty is whatever gives joy” Edna St Vincent Millais

Where Art Meets Aesthetic Nursing

Wellbeing and aesthetics go hand in hand. Being surrounded by beautiful objects and knowing you look good contributes to happiness. With this in mind longtime clinic owners and skilled aesthetic nurses at Qutis Clinic Witney are hosting an exhibition of work by contemporary artist and Qutis client, Angelique Hartigan. “We provide a relaxing and inspiring space at our nurse-led clinic which is ideal to exhibit Angelique’s uplifting and vibrant paintings. Qutis will be open on the 16th, 17th and 18th of March until 4pm to anyone curious about art and beauty. Join us to find out more about our work over some refreshments”, says Marea Brennan Thorns one of the founder nurse specialists. Angelique and the nursing team will be on hand to meet with the guests to answer any questions about the artwork and aesthetic procedures available.Artist trains botox nurses Contemporary artist Angelique Hartigan is teaming up with Aesthetic Nurse Specialists Marea Brennan Thorns, Stephanie Green Sheila Maloney and Adrian Baker at Qutis Advanced Skin Clinics in Witney. They are combining an exclusive Pop Up Art Exhibition of new paintings depicting the City of Oxford with a Qutis Clinic Open Weekend. By combining a temporary exhibition whilst demonstrating treatments available we hope to engage with a new audience who appreciate the joy of beauty. Visitors will have the opportunity to meet the artist and the aesthetic nurses, book procedures and buy art.

Artist Angelique has also had the Qutis Skin Rejuvenation Face Lift

“I spend much of my time outside for work at art fairs and markets, sometimes in all weathers, which can be damaging to my skin. A friend recommended the non-invasive treatments at Qutis Advanced Skin Clinic in Witney. She looked great without even having a Botox treatment, so I was intrigued and made an appointment. After a very warm welcome I was then met by my advanced nurse specialist Marea Brennan Thorns who took a full medical history in a private room, explained the procedure and we talked about what I would like to achieve. We also discussed my lifestyle and how I felt about my skin, how an improvement might make me feel and of course it was during this time that I mentioned my work as an artist and experience running pop-ups. During my Intense Pulsed Light treatment we talked about aesthetics and hatched a plan to hold an exhibition. I've also been using their IS Clinical range of skincare since November 2012 and have noticed a dramatic improvement in the clarity and tone of my skin even ahead of other treatments. The treatments have certainly given my confidence a boost to the point where I am again happy to wear no make-up more often. Quite simply. I feel great! Artist in Botox Clinic Witney   “Pop-ups have been around for years but they are only really starting to take off because people are beginning to see that they can work." says Angelique, she goes on to add: “I know that the Arts Council for Health & Wellbeing state that: experiencing the arts and culture can create a sense of wellbeing and transform the quality of life for individuals and communities. What is less well known is that every day the arts are having a significant impact on people’s health in hospitals, health centres, GP practices and other healthcare settings within and throughout our communities.” "Oxfordshire is a beautiful county and I wanted to celebrate this through a series of new works centred on the City of Oxford and it’s historic buildings. I hope that our pop-up will bring together people who understand the power of art to create a sense of well-being as well as the inner confidence that can be achieved by looking good... I’m looking forward to bringing my work to a new audience and introducing some of my clients to Witney.” Angelique Hartigan

Pop Up Art in Corn Street

Pop up galleries and shops have grown over the last few years as a result of the economic downturn. In response to the growing number of empty comercial spaces, artists have been able to take advantage of this situation and provide a focus for creative people and start-up companies to test the market. It is also a great way to help regenerate and maintain the area - in particular Witney's Corn Street; benefitting the wider community whilst the business owner is able to showcase their commercial space or business.  It's a great way to generate interest, income and community without significant capital outlay. In London, Pop-ups have substituted the notion of shabby and makeshift with creativity and an element of chic. By holding Pop-ups in existing business spaces, artists are able to engage with a new audience, and in our case this weekend, aesthetic nurses can team up and show their appeal and passion for their work to a diverse bunch of people.

Recent Paintings

Artist in Botox Witney ClinicOriginal Paintings and back catalogue works & prints will be available for sale, snatch one today and make an investment by experiencing Art! Angelique says; "I am delighted to have an opportunity to show my work in Witney. I love introducing my style to new audiences - Oxfordshire is a beautiful county and I'm looking forward to sharing my view of the City of Oxford at Qutis." Angelique lives and works in Crystal Palace, South London where she is a founding member of Bigger Picture Gallery. She also has work in Gallery Seventeen in Beckenham and is the newest member of the artist led Skylark Galleries located in the Oxo Tower on London's Southbank. Website: www.angelique-hartigan-artist.co.uk. Pop Up Art Exhibition and Open Weekend at Facial Aesthetic Clinic, QUTIS ADVANCED SKIN CLINIC, 28 Corn Street, Witney. Saturday 16th March 10am -4pm, Sunday 17th & Monday 18th 12 noon-4pm. Call Linda Blake on 01993 704050 or email us for more information. Find Us or Ask us a question here.

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