• Laser Hair Removal - is it painful?

Laser Hair Removal - is it painful?


Laser Hair Removal is becoming increasing more comfortable. A recent survey from America shows more than half patients experienced no pain or only mild discomfort.

How Painful is Laser Hair Removal

At Qutis clinics we have been performing laser hair removal treatments in Oxfordshire for over 15 years. In that time we have seen a great improvement in the comfort of our patients. Some of this has arisen from better laser hair removal equipment. Our new lasers now have a cooled tip which chills the skin and reduces any discomfort which the patient may feel. We also use chilled gel which is applied to the surface of the skin. In some clinics we also have an air chiller where the patient can control a continuous blast of chilled air onto their skin. This data is shown below is from a survey last year showing the degree of paint which patients experienced when having laser hair removal treatment.

Summary of the research into laser hair removal

Many patients describe a strong tingling sensation. Often patients might suggest Laser Hair Removal is much less painful than say a tattoo or waxing. They are prepared to experience some discomfort knowing that after a course of six to eight treatments the process will be completed.

Laser Hair Removal Graph by Body Area

The same survey also provides an insight into which areas of the body being treated with laser hair removal. We know that as a treatment laser hair removal is continuing to grow and we have been pleasantly surprised by the number of new customers we have been able to treat over the last year at our new clinics in Witney and Abingdon, Oxfordshire. The chart below shows the amount spent on each area, so naturally the data is skewed towards the more expensive treatments such as large hair removal areas including the back and abdomen. (Source: The Hair Removal Journal, ASPS Procedural Statistics, Research Date: 9.5.2012)

Hair Removal for the Beach

As people are beginning to think about booking their summer holidays, they are also beginning to think about how they will look on the beach. So it is traditional for us to see an increase in underarm hair removal, upper arm hair removal and bikini line laser hair removal. Customers are increasingly well-informed and appreciate the fact that after a course of only 6 treatments they can have an extremely effective hair removal. Many customers are seeing this as a much better alternative to a lifetime of plucking and waxing.

More Men Seeking Hair Removal

This attitude towards personal appearance combined with the improvements in patient comfort and the reduction in pain means we are seeing an ever-growing number of women and men requesting consultations for laser hair removal at all 3 of our clinics in Oxfordshire. As an advanced aesthetic skin clinic we also specialise in Botox Injections, Dermal Fillers and many other anti-wrinkle treatments. Contact us to ask a question or to request an appointment. Consultations are obligation-free and there is no need to proceed with any treatment unless you and your nurse/practitioner are both totally happy.      

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