• Seen Madonna's Hands? Radiesse treatment by Qutis to the rescue!

Seen Madonna's Hands? Radiesse treatment by Qutis to the rescue!


Does Madonna Need Radiesse?

Madonna's hands Radiesse treatment opportunity You can decide. We here at Qutis Witney and Abingdon would love to invite Madonna (and you dear reader) to have a Radiesse hand rejuvenation treatment! A bold statement, but the offer is most definitely open! Let me explain this outburst more rationally! On my daily glance through the newspaper, over my first cup of tea of the day, my eyes naturally gravitate towards the latest celebrity dissection! Whether the focus is on weight loss or gain, fashion label of choice or hair and makeup, I scan with interest. Well, it is rather natural that I look, I mean, we are in the Aesthetics business! I have a duty to do so! Qutis is all about anti-ageing and skin health, and naturally I want to see what or whom is being subjected to the spotlight for the day!

Do hands reveal your age?

Anyway all disclaimers aside, the Mail ran a story entitled "Women's biggest beauty worry? Having hands like Madonna!" It goes on to say that although Madonna's face and body look fabulous for a woman of 54, her veiny hands give her age away!

Collagen depletes as we age.

Hands do age due to a depletion in collagen and leaves them looking older, veiny and bony. So in that nano second of judgement glance between hands and face a person is subconsciously aged sometimes beyond the years they wish to admit to! This is all sad but true, however what the article does NOT mention adequately, is that there IS a fantastic treatment for this that plumps up the skin and makes the hands look more youthful again!

Radiesse anti-aging hand treatment

Hand Rejuvenation with Radiesse Collagen Stimulator.

Radiesse is a collagen stimulator that restores the youthfulness of your hands. The treatment is called Radiesse and is a collagen stimulator that replaces the volume that is lost over time in the hands as we age. The hands are injected firstly with a local anesthetic to ensure the procedure is comfortable. This is followed by a Radiesse injection which works with your own natural collagen and results in new elasticity and plumpness of the skin. Generally the effect of the treatment lasts up to a year for most patients. Our experienced nurses have been treating for many years here at Qutis, and many of our patients fit this treatment in annually between their regular botox, dermal filler or IPL treatments. If you want to speak to us live about this or any other treatments at Qutis (or Madonna, if you too would like to get in touch!) call us now on 01993 704050. You may also ask a question or request a consultation here.

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