• Where Wrinkle Injections are made? - Botox Allergan

Where Wrinkle Injections are made? - Botox Allergan


Botox Allergan; all the Botox made and used around the world is made in one location in a modest town on the edge of Europe. 

Botox Allergan - Ireland supplies worldwide Botox

I have just spent two days in Westport, Ireland. The purpose of my visit was to observe the manufacturing process of Botox by Allergan. Whilst also learning even more about BOTOX use and sharing advanced injection techniques with some leading practitioners (I might also have had a pint of Guinness after work). Botox manufacturing I prescribe Botox regularly in my role as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Aesthetic Medicine at MBNS & Qutis clinics. We have three clinics in Oxfordshire, we opened the first 15 years ago. Allergan invite selected experienced Aesthetic Nurses and Doctors to learn more about their products through observing the process, meeting staff and listening to several lectures.

Medical Ethics

Our two days consisted of observing the manufacture & quality assurance of Botox as well as science & company ethics presentations. The Westport facility is the global supplier of BOTOX. 70% of the plant's employees are highly skilled graduates in chemistry, microbiology and other related sciences.  Westport is a beautiful small coastal town sitting on the Atlantic Coast of the West of Ireland.  It was recently voted the 'best place' to live in Ireland!

Botox from WestportAllergan employ 800 of the towns 5,000 population & they seem very popular employers amongst the towns' people. As a clinician, I felt very reassured that Allergan's quality assurance & commitment to it's employees is excellent. And I am also convinced too that Westport is a great place to live & Allergan are a sound ethical company who invest in their products AND in their people! Whilst it might not matter where a product is made we do appreciate that many of our customers believe it is importnat to know that a company has ethical values and treats its employees well. If you are interested you can fin out more about Qutis Clinics here and if you wish you can follow this link to ask us a question about any of our treatments or request an appointment with a skilled, qualified and experienced practitioner. By Marea Brennan Thorns


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