Botox Oxford


Anti-ageing using BOTOX Oxford

Botox often causes quite a strong reaction when raised in conversation. Its a bit like wine, lots of people have an opinion but few people are experts. Botox Oxford

Why Oxford

Oxford has always been a city famous for excellence and having some of the best talent in the world. Many local businesses are able to thrive on this spirit of excellence and high standards. Oxford is safe, dependable and well established, all great qualities for a business to reflect.

How Long has Botox been around?

Botox has been used since 1992 for the treatment of frown lines, a period of 21 years. Botox was used before this in the medical treatment of cerebral palsy and other conditions suffering impaired muscle movement. In 1993 Botox was also shown to reduce sweating and it is used now in selected advanced skin clinics to treat Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. Some leading clinics have now also begun to use Botox in the treatment of migraines.

Cosmetic Use and Natural Look

In the hands of a skilled practitioner, who understands facial muscle anatomy Botox can reduce frown lines without giving a frozen forehead. Many Botox Oxford patients request a natural look. They want to reduce wrinkles and frown lines and perhaps raise the eyelids to open the eye, all of these can create a younger fresher look. Qutis have three advanced skin clinics near Oxford and over 15 years experience. We also won Aesthetic Nurse of the Year in 2013. We have 8 Advanced Nurse Practitioners who can prescribe as well as perform Botox injections for customers in and around Oxford. Feel free to ask a question of any of the botox Oxford team at Qutis or you may wish to request and appointment time For more details many new customers like to watch a video of a typical botox treatment consultation before their first visit.  

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