• Harry Styles and his Spotty Skin - Qutis to the rescue!

Harry Styles and his Spotty Skin - Qutis to the rescue!


harry styles spotty skinBad Skin can let you down

The Mail reported today (a big news day obviously!) that dear little Harry Styles of One Direction fame has got bad skin!  They put it down to him burning the candle at both ends, jet lag and little sleep!  Here's the full article for those who need to know more detail! (Harry's bad skin!) Time and time again we at Qutis clinics get mums bringing in their adult, yet still teenage children  (we treat over 18's) asking for help during this difficult time in a young person's life .  And we can help them every time. Qutis is an advanced skin clinic and our main aim to make you reach your skin's health goals.  We know that many young adults like to burn the candle at both ends and leave little time to looking after their skin, that's why the iS Clinical Range is perfect for those who just don't have time.

4 Steps to Improve Spotty Skin

1. Wash with Cleansing Complex and rinse off with warm water. 2.  Next use a few drops of  Pro Heal Serum which is packed full of antioxidants and has  anti-inflammatory properties that is great for acne.   It also provides UV Protection against sun damage - all in one little bottle. 3. Followed by SPF 50 to protect the skin and use as your daily moisturiser which is oil free. 4.  At night, repeat step 1 and use a few drops of Active Serum which among other things will stop those pesky spots from coming back. All of this takes less than 2 minutes to do and it will keep the skin spot free and protected.

To Contact Us

If you would like to find out more about Qutis and skin health in general, kindly call us on 01993 704050 or if you prefer you can email us we'll get back to you shortly. You can view our full list of treatments here. We have a men's treatments page here, with a couple of male before and after photos and a video. You can view a selection of customer comments. Follow this link to find your nearest clinic or to request an appointment with a Nurse or Specialist. So if any of you see Harry, can you point him in our direction please!!

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