• Lip Enhancement - not just for Valentines

Lip Enhancement - not just for Valentines


Lip Enhancement Treatment is not just for Valentines

Many woman find that as they age their lips loose volume. This can lead to lipstick bleeding even with a high quality lip gloss. Fuller lips are a sign of youthful vigor and are a major part of facial aesthetics. This is why Lip Enhancement is one of our most popular and effective treatments.

Face to Face Consultation

lip enhancement treatment with dermal fillers at Qutis Dermal fillers used for lip treatment such as Juvederm Volbella® and Juverderm Ultra® are very popular and effective products. These fillers are injected after the lip area after it has been treated with anaesthetic. This makes treatment more comfortable. The filler is medically designed and is gradually reabsorbed by the body over time. At Qutis and MBNS we provide a detailed face to face consultation prior to any treatment. We also direct potential customers to do their own research of products prior to any treatment. Allergan provide details of their dermal filler products for lip enhancement and other treatments on their company website.

Customer Before & After Video

Many of our lip enhancement patients are keen to hear the experiences of other customers. See the videos in this blog of a recent patient before and after lip enhancement treatment. Patient's may occasionally bring a photo of them from 10 years ago. This allows our experienced nurses to use this as a guide to understanding an individual's facial anatomy. Our objective is always to have any customer looking their natural best. We want your friends to say "oh, you're looking well" rather than "have you had some work done?". Customers are our most important advocates and they share what we do when they are happy with the result of a lip enhancement or any other of the aesthetic treatments we provide. A final thought is that Adrian Baker, one of our leading Nurse Prescribers and Aesthetic Specialists has just been shortlisted for Aesthetic Nurse of the Year - so fingers crossed! This is on top of Marea Brennan Thorns winning the award for 2013.

Call us with your Questions

You can view our full list of treatments here. We have a men’s treatments page here, with a couple of male before and after photos and a video. You can view a selection of customer comments. Follow this link to find your nearest clinic or to request an appointment with a Nurse or Specialist. If you prefer you can email us we’ll get back to you shortly.

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