• Crow's feet - are for the birds!

Crow's feet - are for the birds!


Yellow Crow's feet would creep round the fading eyes and make them horrible."The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde

As spoken about in literature, magazines and beauty blogs, Crow's feet is the term for lines and wrinkles that spread like the "Feet of birds" from the corner of our eyes. Usually related to smiling or laughing they are the sign of a jolly demeanor, however if they remain after the smile has gone, or become deeply etched - they may become something you are self conscious about.
At Qutis Clinic we have a number options to help minimise the appearance and prevent the dCrow's feeteepening of these lines.
Whether they are "dynamic" lines that only appear when you smile or laugh, or deeper lines there is a solution.

 Topical treatment serums and creams

iS Clinical C-Eye Advance Serum

c eye advance- Reduces under-eye puffiness and the appearance of crow’s feet
- Offers vastly superior antioxidant protection
- Significantly increases collagen production
- Provides UV photo-protection
- New time-released vitamin C (L ascorbic acid) plus Copper Tripeptide Growth Factor

Youth Eye Complex


The innovative Youth Eye Complex formula features 'intelligent proteins' that are clinically proven to target damaged sites and help regenerate skin. Combining powerful peptides, key growth factors and potent antioxidants, it rapidly reduces wrinkles, puffiness and dark under-eye circles.


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Injectable muscle relaxing treatments

Muscle relaxing treatments including the Botox treatment , Xeomin and Vistabel, can help to soften and smooth lines and wrinkles.

The injection works by blocking the nerve impulses, which reduces the movement of the muscles, that cause wrinkles. With less movement, the skin surface gradually smoothes out, and the "crow's feet" begin to fade.

botox injection witneyBefore your  first treatment you will need to be assessed and have your Vistabel, Botox, Azzalure, Bocouture, Xeomin prescribed by a prescribing nurse or practice doctor. You can be reassured that the medical staff at Qutis are well trained, experienced and sought after in the country.

See our FAQ for lots more information on our wrinkle relaxing treatments.



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