Angela Hunt RN
Nurse Business Manager
"Having the tools to help people build their confidence and empower them to look their natural best is wonderful. I am so proud of what Qutis offers when I see the effects our services have on our patients"

Why Qutis?

Angela has always been interested in healthcare and continually retains the desire to help others. One of the deciding factors for her joining the Qutis group was seeing the benefits treatments often have on a patient's mental health as well as physical appearance. As it should be known that these two factors are not mutually exclusive. For example, botox treatments for hyperhidrosis and frown lines have been identified as having positive effects on depression and social anxiety. Through observing these positive results Angela has been encouraged to get a degree in nursing to continue on the journey of developing and delivering the highest quality care to our patients.


Inspired and encouraged by the nurses Angela has worked with at Qutis, she decided to study for a degree in nursing, in March 2015. After qualifying as a Nurse with a BSc (Hons) first class Angela worked at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, as well remaining part-time at Qutis. We are very pleased that Angela has now become Nurse Business Manager at Qutis. Angela is a Nurse Practitioner as well as leading the team across all three clinics. Angela grew up in Canada but now lives in the UK with her English husband yet still retains her charming Canadian accent!

Outside Work

Angela has always enjoyed the outdoors and she finds solitude in wild swimming, mountain biking and road cycling, mountaineering, running and trekking. Angela is a member of the Outdoor Swimming Society and she encourages anyone interested in swimming to sample open water, wild swimming. Angela also has a personal love of travelling, and she particularly enjoys learning about other cultures through culinary experiences and local history. Finally, Angela loves animals and the environment and finds natural history fascinating, so has a keen interest in conservation.