Catherine Doig
Clinic coordinator
I joined Qutis Witney clinic in mid-2020 after the end of the first COVID lockdown. It has been a privilege to be part of such a wonderful team and see our lovely patients during such difficult times.

Why Qutis?

After over 25 years of working in the City of London for big multinationals and a year travelling across Europe, we settled in the Witney area and I was keen to make friends and connections as I was completely new to the area.  I knew Ellie loved working at Qutis and when the opportunity arose to join as part of the Witney clinic it seemed like the perfect opportunity.  I am now part of a highly professional and successful team who are great fun and I also get to meet a broad spectrum of our lovely patients and share in their interesting life stories.  Having never worked in this industry before, I have found learning about the various treatments and skin products we offer fascinating and have enjoyed witnessing our patients benefit from the teams expert interventions.


I graduated in Economics from Nottingham in 1993 and immediately moved to London where I spent 25 years working in banking and law firms, eventually ending up as the Staffing Exec for Bank of America Merrill Lynch for EMEA, LATAM and Canada.  In 2015, myself and my husband Mark decided to change our lives entirely, sold our house, resigned from our jobs and travelled across Europe for 9 months with our dog, Floyd.  On returning to the UK, we set up a business which I continue to support but I also realised I needed to make my own local connections.  I joined the Witney team in 2020 to work on the front desk on Mondays and alternate Saturdays and have enjoyed a steep learning curve both in clinic and on more formal training days.


Both Mark and myself are passionate about horses and have two who are kept locally, Puck and Indiana.  We try and ride as much as possible at home and also enjoy riding holidays abroad.  I love walking with our dog and have become a bit of a gardener over the last few years.  I still go back to London to visit friends and family but have to say I don't miss my former corporate life.