Rhiannan Wheatley
Clinic Coordinator
"Two important things are to have a genuine interest in people and to be kind to them. Kindness, I’ve discovered, is everything"

Why Qutis?

Rhiannan enjoys working with people and helping them. She naturally migrated to Qutis Clinics as she liked that we are a nurse led, medical clinic with a keen focus on helping people look and feel their natural best.


After leaving school Rhiannan obtained a foundation degree in spa and therapies management. Following her higher education, she found a role within a very well-known Spa in London and began expanding her professional experience. Her love for customer service and working with people continued to grow and eventually lead her to travel and work around the world. After working in Australia as a business to business account manager, Rhiannan eventually returned to the UK to work as cabin crew so she could live nearer her family and continue to explore the world. However, after years of working shifts and recovering from jet lag Rhiannan had a need to settle. She has chosen to work within a small team and return to her clinic management and customer services experience.

Outside Qutis

Rhiannan continues to enjoy travelling and spends her free time boating and learning new water sports. Her favourite part of the world is Asia as she enjoys learning their unique culture and history that is so different from her own. She is an animal lover and currently has two cats that keep her on her toes! She has just moved into her new home and loves learning new things and has a large garden and orchard to keep her occupied and help develop her new green finger.