How To Choose The Right Practitioner For anti-wrinkle treatments Oxford

Wandering around the buzzing, sunny streets of Oxford, its clear to see that whoever you are, tourist, student or resident, everyone is taking a pride in their appearance. The younger generation in particular make up such a huge percentage of Oxford's population and whats great to see is that they are of taking responsibility for their skin health/ageing for the future.

We are treating more and more Oxford students and young people at our skin clinics around the Oxford area as they are finding it easier to keep up their regular skin health treatments such as HydraFacials using our 0% finance option. Spread over 10 months with 0% interest, treatments become a lot more affordable and easier to budget for in a regular monthly payment.

Choosing your anti-wrinkle practitioner wisely...

Whilst it being a great thing that treatments are more easily available to the younger generation with the help of payment plans etc, it is important to remember just how essential it is to choose the right practitioner for your treatment. You are after all, entrusting this person to work on your face!

With such a variety of practitioners in and around Oxford offering muscle relaxant treatments, being a nurse-led group of clinics, Qutis strives to educate the younger generation that when having treatments such as muscle relaxant, it is an absolute must that you are treated by a medical practitioner.

You can then rest assured that they have the full knowledge and understanding of the physiology of the face in order to deliver and safe treatment.

Beware of 'deals'...

In an age of e-commerce deals, young people are used to shopping around for lower prices. However because the muscle relaxant is a prescription medicine is not allowed to be advertised or sold at discount. This UK medicines law continues to be flouted though. Ethical clinics will not include groupon type offers for their muscle relaxant treatments, so be wary when you see advertisements across Oxford offering deals such as these.

Prevention Vs. Cure

The age of our patients in our clinics around the Oxford area starting their journey with us to combat the ageing process, is getting younger. A treatment such as the muscle relaxant used to be seen as a treatment for the correction of already established lines and wrinkles, is now being widely used by a younger generation as a preventative.

It makes sense when you think about it, and it definitely works out at being a lot more cost effective preventing the issue in the first place with a simple treatment such as muscle relaxant 3 times a year and a daily SPF 50, rather than starting a few more years down the line and having to embark on multiple treatments to put right a multitude of sins.

Anti-wrinkle Specialists in Oxford

We have three clinics around the Oxford area, one being in Thame, one in Witney and the other near Hemel Hempstead. We treat many patients from Oxford who like the feeling of coming to a clinic thats out of the hustle bustle of the busy city centre as they feel it is a more discreet and relaxing experience.

At all three clinics we have leading aesthetic nurse specialists who carry out a range of muscle relaxantox treatments, whether it be for correcting lines and wrinkles on the face, for treating excessive underarm sweating, anti-wrinkle for the prevention of migraines and muscle relaxant for persistent jaw clenching and teeth grinding. Qutis Advanced Skin Clinics have been leaders in the muscle relaxant market for 20 years so rest assured, you will be in safe hands!

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