About Us

Founded over 20 years ago, Qutis is a nurse-led clinic group specialising in Aesthetic Skin Treatments.

Pioneers and Recognised Trainers in Medical Aesthetics.

Qutis (pronounced Q-tis) is derived from the latin word Cutis, meaning skin. We are a privately-owned, small group of medical aesthetic skin clinics. Founded over 20 years ago and owned by Marea Brennan Thorns (nurse director) and Stephen Thorns (managing director). We have a well established, professional team who all love what they do! MBNS clinic in Thame is now called Qutis Thame, but has the same owners and staff team, only the name has changed. You may still see the MBNS logo on some videos.

At Qutis we commit to provide you with medical aesthetic treatments which are;

- Safe
- Effective
- Natural looking


Safe treatments and products are those which have been thoroughly tested, usually within the medical community. They will normally have been peer reviewed and have published medical papers to support the treatment outcomes. Being safe also means we take time to listen to our patients and understand what they want to achieve. You will have a one-to-one consultation with your practitioner (not a patient administrator) and all your questions can be discussed. Together we will then create your ideal treatment plan.


We're a recognised training centre for Allergan anti-wrinkle & dermal fillers. Marea Brennan Thorns, our co-founder and Nurse Director, has trained many Doctors, Surgeons and Nurses in Advanced Aesthetic Injection techniques. Marea is the former chair of 'The Aesthetic Nurse Forum' and was responsible for producing the ‘training competencies’ now used in Medical Aesthetics. All our team regularly attend training seminars and continuous professional development events. We believe it's our skills and injection techniques which set us apart and make a real difference to you.

Some customers have spent a lot of money over the years on products that do not work. This stops when you walk through our door. We understand you may be fed up with TV advertising from cosmetic giants, making claims which are not delivered. 'Effective' means we only provide treatments which have evidence that they work. Finally, we only invest in the highest quality equipment and lasers, so you can be assured you're getting the best treatment.


Our brand motto is "Look Your Natural Best". This underlines our philosophy that treatment is about you and needs to be tailored for every individual patient. It also means we believe our customers should look 'natural'. We know we are getting this right when your friends say you look healthy, fresh and relaxed. How you do this can remain your secret!

Look your Natural Best

Our motto

Our motto Look Your Natural Best captures in just four words what we do for our customers. We do not fundamentally change people, but we can help you to restore or enhance your appearance and combat the signs of aging. Many of us are working longer than our parents did and we still feel young. We often exercise regularly and take care of our diet, and many of us feel our appearance is another part of looking after ourselves. Many of our customers just say they want to look as young as they feel.

Providing a natural look

Our treatments aim to provide a Natural look, so when injecting muscle relaxant for example, our nurse specialists will aim to retain some muscle movement rather than produce a ‘frozen forehead’ which can look false and obvious. We are specialists and we seek to understand first what our customers want. Your consultation is a vital part of the process which allows you to discuss all treatment options with your nurse practitioner.

Age Gracefully

Many people don’t want or expect to look like a Hollywood film star, but as we live longer many people want to look as young as they feel. Sometimes people feel a certain pressure in their job to look younger or at least look fresh and presentable. How we look often affects the way other people view us. Many customers do not even want to reverse the signs of ageing but would like to slow down the ageing process of their skin.

Reduce Sun damage

Sun damage is a major cause of skin ageing. We stock a selected and highly-effective range of Skin Care Products including iS Clinical Sun Protection Factor (SPF 30 to 50). This can be used daily instead of a moisturiser with the added benefit of providing a highly effective sunscreen. The product also works effectively as an aftersun treatment. We find many customers find this is all they need, especially when travelling on holiday. This and other selected and medically-proven products are available in all clinics and from our on-line shop.

MBNS Limited is registered with Companies House at 57, North Street, Thame, OX9 3BH. Company Number 04664476.

Qutis Witney Limited is registered with Companies House at 57, North Street, Thame, OX9 3BH.. Company Number 07993267.

Qutis Herts Limited is registered with Companies House at 57, North Street, Thame, OX9 3BH.. Company Number 10879204