Top tips to look younger safely this summer and beyond...

Top tips to look younger safely this summer and beyond...

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In today’s Qutis newsletter, we share some tips on how to stay looking young safely, including your chance to register for our virtual event, our ultimate treatment to achieve this, Non-Surgical Facelifts, taking place on 29 July at 1pm-2pm.

Summer’s here so protect your youthful looks...

The most proven way to look younger is to avoid the sun. If you want to age well-the sun is not your friend. Exposure to the sun’s UV rays is the No. 1 reason for early signs of ageing in the skin, including redness and uneven pigmentation.

Tanning may give you that sun-kissed glow in the short term, but in the long run, it can lead to early wrinkles, dark age spots, and even skin cancer as UV rays speed up the ageing process.

- What can I do to protect my face?

Wear SPF Every Day for a Young Face

Use at least an SPF 40, but don’t waste your money on anything higher than SPF 50 since there is little evidence that higher SPFs provide more protective benefits,” says Andrea Robinson, the former head of beauty for Ralph Lauren and Tom Ford.

EXTREME PROTECT SPF 40 is an environmentally protective treatment formula combined with scientifically advanced all-physical sunscreen active ingredients; transparent micronized Zinc Oxide and transparent micronized Titanium Dioxide.This antioxidant-rich state-of-the-art broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen helps support optimal skin health as it moisturizes and protects. Available in Translucent, Beige or Bronze.
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Choose self-tanners and young-looking skin

By using a gradual build self-tanner, you won’t get those unwanted streaks, blotches and buildup, especially around your ankles, feet, and knuckles. For your face, use a cream blush as “it blends more easily over rough patches or lines… Apply in a circular motion with your finger and blend the edges,” Robinson says in Everydayhealth’s Summer Skin guide.

Say goodbye to smoking

Smoking and vaping damages collagen and elastin, weakening the skin and resulting in sags and bags. Compare women who smoke at a young age to those who don’t and you’ll notice the extra sagging skin and premature wrinkles!

Makeup mishaps

Piling on the foundation builds up into the lines of your face, so avoid anything with a powder base. Instead, use a good transparent moisturising foundation or tinted moisturiser.

Glitter, products with shimmer or bold eye shadow will make wrinkles more noticeable. Dark shades combined with lighter neutrals are recommended for keeping your eyelids looking youthful.

Wrinkle creams and moisturisers

Dermatologists recommend starting with one skin-care product at a time. Consistently using a product as recommended may lead to younger-looking skin, so give it time to work.

Only choose products with ingredients that have been shown to make your face soft and younger-looking.

Look for wrinkle creams with lots of antioxidants, alpha hydroxy acids, and anti-inflammatories that will improve the appearance of wrinkles.

Products recommended by Qutis:

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Reparative Moisture EmulsionThis versatile rich, yet easily absorbed botanical complex creates an antioxidant-rich barrier that seals in moisture and insulates the skin from environmental damage.
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NeckPerfectNECKPERFECT COMPLEX transforms your neck, jawline and décolleté to appear more lifted, tightened and defined. This revolutionary anti-aging formula gently exfoliates the skin to diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles while dramatically improving skin tone and texture. With continued use, the neck and décolleté appear visibly smoother, contoured and sculpted for radiant, youthful-looking skin..
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A recommended routine looks like this:

  1. Use a bioglycolic cleanser to get rid of dead skin cells
  2. A vitamin C Super Serum -a must for anyone
  3. Apply sunscreen daily.

And remember your neck in your moisturising routine!

As you age, the neck loses elasticity faster than anywhere else on your body, taking on the dreaded crepey look,” Andrea says.

You should be every bit as diligent and careful about taking care of your neck and décolletage as you are about your face.”

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If you enjoyed the advice and products recommended in this newsletter, you’ll love the advice given in the Tweakment Guide too.

Facial yoga: experts say it really can make you look younger, but it’ll cost you, at least lots of your time according to Sarah DiGiulio from NBC News.

If you want to get toned, you should go to the gym, right? Well, it turns out you can tone up your face too, with a routine that exercises the 57 muscles that hold up your face, neck and scalp. Gary Sikorski is the founder of Happy Face Yoga, a program designed to stimulate and work out all these muscles.

Does it actually work? Dermatologists at Northwestern University recently published a study that shows Sikorski’s facial exercise program might work. The data suggest the exercises do help the face look younger (at least for more than a dozen women followed over the course of the study).

But following the program will cost you a chunk of time out of your schedule, that is.

The women in the study spent 30 minutes daily for eight weeks, and 30 minutes every other day for 12 weeks after that, doing the exercises.

We at Qutis know there is one easier and more effective way to look younger…

Book a consultation with our nurse-led, medical aesthetics clinic. We’ve been offering treatments for over 20 years, so let us pamper you with the latest and safest ways to bring your skin back to its natural, youthful best.