Botox Treatments

Botox anti-wrinkle treatment and frown relaxing, excessive under arm sweating and persistent jaw clenching.

Wrinkle and Frown Reduction

Qutis are also a recognised training centre for aesthetic Botox injection treatments. Two of our team have also been awarded Aesthetic Nurse of the Year.

At Qutis we use Botox mostly to reduce your wrinkles, normally in the upper region of your face. We also use Botox to reduce excessive sweating, jaw clenching and even for reducing specific types of headache.

We feel strongly that Botox wrinkle reduction treatments should look natural. We have learned to appreciate over the years that our patients want to look well and healthy but not look 'done'. Over time and in consultation with your specialist nurse we will build up detailed patient records and notes of exactly how your facial muscles respond to treatment. We will tailor each treatment to suit you.

Your Botox treatment with us starts with a face to face to face consultation with your specialist nurse practitioner. During your appointment we will also provide your own prescription before treatment. Botox is now a very widely used prescription only medicine (POM) and a prescription is always required.

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