• Before & After

Before & After

We'd like to thank all our Qutis patients below who have given their consent for these photographs to be displayed. We only use photographs of our own patients here and we'd like to reassure you the photographs have not been enhanced or altered in any way.

10 Years ago....and now!!!

Emma has been coming to Qutis clinics for about 10 years you will see from the photographs that she looks younger now than she did 10 years ago! She reasons that this has been down to sensible management of her skin & complexion and skin as well as management of loss of volume and lines and wrinkles. All part of the natural ageing process. Emma has invested in intense pulse light (IPL) treatments to enhance collagen and erase her sun damage pigment on her complexion. She’s also chosen laser resurfacing treatment in order to get rid of some scars and to refine her complexion. She has regular moderate amounts of Botox and Dermal Fillers to her cheeks, jowls and lips; the results speak for themselves.

In the after photo, it is clear to see Emma has a much clearer complexion than ten years ago. Her skin appears so much healthier, as the texture is greatly improved due to it being plumper, well hydrated and the skin elasticity has been restored. All of this has had an impact on Emma's fine lines and wrinkles also, as despite the second photo being taken ten years on from the first, all of the crepey skin under the eye and the deep nasolabial folds have almost disappeared.

The Qutis Maxi Lift

Alison chose the Qutis Maxi Lift, because she felt that her appearance looked tired & made her feel invisible.

She asked us to restore her facial look, naturally as she was nervous of looking ‘plastic.’

We used a multiple dermal syring approach, using the Juvederm M.D. Codes, as devised by top Brazilian Plastic Surgeon Dr Maurizio Di Maio and taught to us by our lead nurse & Allergan Nurse Ambassador for Training, Marea Brennan Thorns.

This maxi lift included Botox, Voluma, Bolift & Volbella dermal fillers, and the treatment will last for 12-18 months.

Hydrafacial Treatment with IPL

In the second picture above you can see how much the skin texture and quality has improved after four treatments. The pores are much more closed and the skin looks brighter. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) included in this treatment plan has reduced the thread veins and sun damage spots around the nose and eyes.

Non Surgical Facelift with Botox and Dermal fillers

This is a larger combination treatment. The second photograph is taken by a professional photographer, we can clearly see how the lines above and below her mouth have been reduced. The profile and silhouette of the chin and jaw line is now much fuller and younger looking.

Dermal Lip Filler

You can see that after treatment with lip filler in the second picture above, the upper lip is now fuller and more in proportion with the lower lip. The patient was very happy and felt this treatment was exactly what she wanted.

Botox Treatment to Forehead

You will see in the second picture above, that after botox treatment this patient has fewer lines in the forehead when raising her eyebrows. This treatment will also reduce the likelihood of deeper forehead wrinkles over the longer term.

Botox Treatment to Frown (Glabella) Area

You will see in the second picture above, after botox treatment this patient has a much softer frown. These has the effect of making the face appear softer and more gentle.

Lip Enhancement with Juvederm Vycross

You can see in the second photograph above how this patient's lips have been enhanced. When asked by husband what she wanted for Christmas she replied.. "well, lip enhancement"... Marea used Juvederm Vycross and the patient is delighted with the results which will last 9 to 12 months. This is a subtle, and rounded result adding hydration, a good combination with this patient’s monthly HydraFacials.

Acne Treatment

You can see in the second photograph above how this young girl's acne has become much reduced over a period of 12 weeks. Treatment in this case was a combination of weekly prescription Hydrafacials and pharmaceutical grade skin care.

Volite Treatment to Cheek

You can see in the second picture, after treatment with Volite, how much the skin quality has improved in the cheek area.

Mole Removal Under Eye

In the second picture above you can see how the mole (in this case and epidermoid cyst) has been removed and the area below the eye has healed without any scarring or residual marking.

Dermal Filler For Lip and Nose

In these two images above we can see how this patient's profile has been enhanced on the second photograph. Dermal Filler has been used to smooth and flatten the profile of the nose. A different Dermal Filler has also been used to increase the fullness and projection of the lips, this also has the effect of making the chin look less pronounced and more in balance.

Laser Hair Removal Female Chin

In the second photograph above the patient has had a series of six laser hair removal treatments over six week intervals.

Lip Treatment with Dermal Filler

You can see in the second image how this patient has been given fuller lips. In this case fuller lips balance her larger, naturally open eyes.

Rosacea Treatment Using IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition and can be treated in several different ways. Here we have used IPL and prescription medicine over a series of treatments spaced over several months. We can see in the second picture how the redness is reduced and how much the skin has improved.

Mole Removal to Left Cheek

The second picture above shows complete healing after 8 weeks. In this case the mole was removed with cautery.

Tear Trough with Volite Dermal Filler

In the second picture above, you can see that after the tear trough has been filled with Volite, dermal filler the shadow and slight bag under the eye has been removed. This patient said they looked less tired and felt they had a younger, natural, healthier appearance.

Semi Permanent Makeup for Eyebrows

In the second picture above after treatment with semi permanent makeup the eyebrows are clearly much fuller and more defined. This treatment will norally last 6 to 18 months and will fade gradually over time.