Marea Brennan-Thorns MSc RN NIP
Nurse Director & Co-founder
“My vision is to continually develop an independent nurse-led skin-health service, specialising in cosmetic injections and skin health and supporting our NHS. I understand that our national primary healthcare needs to prioritise and if the NHS can no longer treat benign skin lesions, acne or irregular pigmentation then we are here to provide that service. If necessary we will refer and we have established collaborative relationships with consultant surgeons and many physicians over the last 20 years"

A Pioneer of Medical Aesthetics

Marea established herself as one of the first independent aesthetic nurses in the country back in the 1990's. She first trained as a general nurse over forty years ago working in the NHS and in critical care hospitals overseas. Marea noticed there were very few specialist medical aesthetics practices in the 1990's within this country. At the time Collagen injections were often carried out in plastic surgeons' offices rather than dedicated clinics.

As well as starting in her own practice, she voluntarily co-founded and chaired the first Aesthetic Nurse Forum at The Royal College of Nursing, and was a co-author of the published nursing competencies in aesthetic medicine. Marea hadn't been married long and her children were young, but the drive and fascination was there. Marea says "I loved every moment of these early times, business start up, using my art and nursing together and developing new skills". Marea has a prescribing qualification as well as MSc. She goes on to say "My children are grown-up now and Stephen and I have grandchildren, but we still enjoy working in our clinics and making a real difference for our patients."

Qualifications and Background

Marea has a masters degree (MSc) in Leadership & Management in Clinical Practice from Oxford Brookes University. She is an independent nurse prescriber and has published research. Her day to day work involves, consultation, diagnosis, treatment planning and developing other nurses within our team. She has a BTec in Laser Skin Dermatology and is a member of the medical faculty for Allergan (the makers of Juvederm). Marea has been in the medical aesthetics industry for over 20 years and still attends frequent master classes to refine our leading edge techniques. Marea was awarded of Aesthetic Nurse of the Year in 2013 by the British Journal of Nursing.

Outside Qutis

Before nursing Marea studied Art and still enjoys visiting various galleries to study the proportions of the human face and refine her 'aesthetic eye.' Marea's other passion is open water swimming, starting as a 13 year old with a swim around Belle Isle in Lake Windermere. In more recent years, Marea has swum the Bosphorus Strait from Europe to Asia and has enjoyed two "swimtrek" holidays in Greece and Croatia. Marea regularly swims in rivers particularly the Thames and is currently teaching her grandsons - but only in pools so far! Marea sings in a choir and performs several times a year in Oxford, helping raise funds for local homeless charities. She is a voracious reader and always has several books on the go, she also enjoys writing and sketching her own holiday journals. Marea also enjoys skiing, sailing and has recently started stand up paddle-boarding!

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