Acne Treatment

Acne is a debilitating skin condition that many people suffer from. Our patients tell us how acne can make them depressed and feel isolated. It seems to them that the NHS or their doctor does not have the time to advise and to follow them up.

Our clients love the fact that we give them a whole 60 minutes consultation, taking a look at their medical history, diet and lifestyle.

We will discuss with you the many ways we have of treating your acne and how we can get your skin back to good health and a smoother complexion. Within eight weeks patients can normally see for themselves the visible difference that treatment and a new skincare regime has made to their skin.

Acne Treatment



You should notice a marked improvement and a reduction in breakouts within several weeks of treatment. This can lead to using less makeup which may also help your skin improve.


We have a range of treatment options and skin regimes which at not available on the high street. We will help you to rebalance your skin, remove some of the potential causes of acne and give you smoother skin.


Let's face it, nobody enjoys going out when their acne is bad. Often all you want to do is stay at home. By treating your acne we would also hope to restore some of the joy of going out.

How Does It Work

First of all, we will show you how to manage your skin for yourself. This will include an explanation of how your skin is acne-prone and how to be mindful when managing your skin. We will show you the benefits of:

  • Efficient cleansing
  • Decongesting your pores
  • Surface skin cell renewal
  • The use of active serums

Helping you to understand the way acne-prone skin loses its normal function is your first step to managing your skin condition. It's what our mums never told us! But your nurse specialist will!


Is there a cure for my acne?

Whilst there is no real cure for acne, there is a specialised system for managing and improving your condition. By following a regime of HydraFacial treatments for acne and using good clinical home care skincare, you will be able to minimise your breakouts and have healthy skin.

Is it necessary to the followed up?

As with all the best nursing care, yes, we do follow you up to monitor your skin's progress on our products and tweaking your skincare programme if necessary.

How is High Street treatment different to a Clinic?

Skincare products on High Street shelves are 'one size fits all' and come without the specialist advice of a nurse specialist nor any follow-up. Our clients tell us that in the past, they have spent fortunes on products that didn't work. All our products are evidenced-based pharmaceutical grade products, we are so confident about them that we will refund you, at 30 days if you have not experienced an improvement in your skin.

Is it necessary to follow a special acne regime?

If you want to change your skin, yes, you have to change what you do to your skin...makes sense...right? Our proven acne regime will only work if you use it exactly as we have explained to you during your 60-minute consultation. We will write everything down for you and even give you our telephone number so that you can ask questions in your early days of your new skincare regime.

Acne Treatment

How Much Does It Cost?

Acne Treatment cost depends on the type of Acne and your preferred treatment regime. Some types of Acne can be treated very well with LED masks using specific light frequency to treat acne. Other treatments may involve a prescription skin regime or Hydrafacial. In your consultation you can discuss these different treatments and agree what will be most effective for you. Please download our price guide below.

Treatment Finance options are under review and may be available, please ask in your consultation for more details.

Acne Treatment

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