Skin Care Products

We offer a carefully selected range of Skin Care products. Most of these products contain active ingredients and should only be used after skin consultation. They can be selected to suit your skin type.

Our products are not normally available in shops and can only be found in specialist skin clinics. Over the last 20 years or so we have filtered out products that are not effective and only kept those skin care products that work for our customers.

Our Nurse prescribers are also able to write prescriptions for specific skin care drugs if these are required after your consultation.

Skin Care Products



Sun damage is THE main cause of skin ageing. We recommend all clients use the iS clinical 'Eclipse' broad spectrum SPF 50, which doubles as your daily moisturiser.


iS Clinical Active Serum will safely and effectively brighten the skin and helps diminish the appearance of hyperpigmentation.


iS Clinical Cleansing Complex removes deep debris and opens clogged pores. It mildly resurfaces, helps remove blackheads and whiteheads without irritation.

How Does It Work


The most important thing you will ever put on your face (after a smile) is sun protection cream. We can show you what your skin looks like under Ultra Violet (UV) light and what it looks like after you apply sunscreen, ideally SPF 30 or 50. Watch this video and you will be amazed;


iS Clinical has developed a world class SPF, which is also your daily moisturizer, even in winter! iS clinical products have been proven by scientific research to work.

INNOVATIVE SKINCARE (iS Clinical) are based in California and are dedicated to bringing highly effective, clinically validated, skincare products to people everywhere. These products have scientifically supported results and are proven to be effective. The product range is not too complex, so we can tailor the right products for you, but not swamp you with bottles and leave you confused. You need a daily regime that works for you!

iS Clinical has carefully assembled a team of world-renowned pharmacologists and physicians, who are responsible for some of today’s greatest advances in the fields of skincare and anti-aging medicine. Their team is comprised of experts in the fields of botanical pharmacology, molecular biology, biochemistry and medicine who develop new products and ensure the best results for clients.

Qutis have a long relationship with iS Clinical and believe it to be one of the most effective ranges on the market.


Are your products expensive?

Many customers tell that using smaller amounts of the right products actually saves them money. Many customers have been misled by massive cosmetic company advertising budgets that the products they buy will work for them. Some common skincare products can actually conflict and cause skin problems!

Who are Innovative Skincare (Is Clinical)?

Is Clinical is a revolutionary cosmeceutical company pioneering a new strategy in the skin care industry, dedicated to developing clinically validated skincare products that improve the physical and emotional well-being of our customers. They have carefully assembled a team of world-renowned pharmacologists and physicians, who are responsible for some of the greatest improvements in the fields of skincare and anti-aging medicine.

How do you know that the products work?

iS clinical have published scientific, medical papers to show the results of their tests. These results are scrutinised, reviewed and supported by other independent scientists.

What conditions can be treated with Skin Care products?

The iS Clinical range offers clinically proven pharma-grade botanically based formulas to treat a range of specific skin conditions including; ACNE (SURFACE-CYSTIC), HYPERPIGMENTATION, DRY SKIN, ROSACEA, ERYTHEMA, POST PROCEDURE, SCARRING, AGEING, SUNBURN, STRETCH MARKS, RADIATION DERMATITIS, INFLAMMATION, LESIONS/CUTS/BURNS.

Skin Care Products

How Much Does It Cost?


If investing in your appearance and protecting yourself from the sun is important, you still don't want to waste your money. We provide products that work. Many of our products contain totally natural ingredients like White Willow (Salix alba) extract.

Some customers then choose to stop buying other products that are less effective or that actually conflict to cause skin dryness or irritation. Come for a skin consultation and if you're not sure we have a range of trial sizes so you can test the products before committing.

Please jump straight to our online shop to view products and prices.

Treatment Finance options are under review and may be available, please ask in your consultation for more details.

Skin Care Products

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