Mole, Skin Tag & Seborrheic Keratoses Removal

Mole, skin tag and Seborrheic Keratoses removal is often very quick and normally almost pain-free. As well as Mole Removal, we also provide skin tag removal and milia removal treatments. Watch this short video to learn more about Seborrheic Keratoses removal..

We treat benign moles, skin tags and milia using Short Wave Diathermy. This is a simple handheld device, used by your nurse specialist following consultation and confirmation that the mole is benign and safe to remove.

Mole, skin tag and seborrheic keratoses removal is relatively painless and many customers wish they'd had treatment years ago.

Mole, Skin Tag & Seborrheic Keratoses Removal



You will have a full face to face consultation with your nurse practitioner, treatment takes just a few minutes, depending on the number of moles.


Our nurse specialists are experienced and caring. If the treatment area is likely to be sensitive we always use a local anaesthetic cream to reduce your discomfort. Most clients find this process quite pain-free.


Our procedure using short wave diathermy and diathermy which results in less scarring than the traditional method using a scalpel.

How Does It Work

Our nurse specialists use a variety of treatments, a common method is using a cautery-heated loop to scrape or remove the mole, millia, seborrheic keratoses or other blemishes. This destroys the tissue and seals the wound and so reduces bleeding and scarring. We found this method much cleaner and more comfortable than the 'old way' of using a scalpel. Cautery tends to leave much less scar tissue. We will also recommend selected skin products, such as iS Clinical Sheald, which will increase your recovery rate and will also reduce scar tissue.

We use a local anaesthetic cream, especially in sensitive areas to reduce any discomfort. Slight swelling and redness are normal after treatment and a scab will form, dropping off as the area heals. Your Nurse Practitioner will explain all this before your treatment.

We do not remove tissue surrounding the mole for laboratory analysis. So, before you have a mole treated with us, you will need to confirm with your GP that the mole or moles are benign.


What is Mole?

Moles (melanocytic naevi) are small coloured spots on your skin. These are cells called melanocytes, which affect the colour of your skin. Moles tend to be brown or darker or skin-coloured. Moles can be flat or raised, smooth or rough, and some have hair growing from them. Moles are usually circular or oval with a smooth edge. Over time Moles can change in both number and appearance. Some may fade, perhaps without you realising, or they may respond to hormonal changes e.g. during menopause.

What are Skin Tags?

Skin tags are made of loose collagen fibres and blood vessels surrounded by skin. Skin tags are small, soft, skin-coloured growths that hang off the skin and can look like warts. They're harmless, very common and tend to be a few millimetres but can be bigger. They're often found on the neck, armpits and eyelids. They can be uncomfortable, catch on clothing or just look unsightly and affect confidence. The good news is we can remove them easily!

Can I get Mole removed on the NHS?

Mole removal for cosmetic or appearance reasons is not available on the NHS. Several patients have been referred to us, informally, by their GP.

Is Mole removal painful?

There may be a small amount of discomfort or none at all, this depends on the location of the mole or millia. The process is very quick and we can use local anaesthetic cream if the area being treated is sensitive.

What types of Mole are there?

There are several different types of moles each with their own medical name. Most moles are safe or benign (non-cancerous). Moles tend to develop in your first 30 years and often before the age of 20. Even though most moles are harmless, they may be unsightly and affect your confidence, which is why many people seek treatment to remove them.. It is good advice to always check your skin and look for changes or development of new moles, especially new moles with uneven colouring, a ragged edge, bleeding or itching or that have grown quickly.

What are Millia?

A milium (single) is a small, white bump that typically appears on the face, nose, eyelids and cheeks. These are often found in groups called Milia (plural). They are formed when keratin becomes trapped beneath the surface of the skin. Keratin is a protein that is typically found in skin tissues, hair, and nail cells. Milia can occur in people of all ages and can be caused by using incorrect skincare products. Ask your nurse specialist which skin product will suit you the best.

Is Mole removal safe?

The procedure, using cautery, is well established. The treatment will be performed by a trained, registered and qualified nurse. We have removed hundreds of moles over the last few years and many customers can't understand why they had not doen this sooner.

Do you send tissue for analysis?

We are not currently able to provide this service. Before your treatment, you will need to confirm to us that your GP has identified the moles as benign. If you're not sure just drop us a line and we can explain further. The process is very simple.

Mole, Skin Tag & Seborrheic Keratoses Removal

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of Mole, Skin Tag & Milia Removal can vary depending on the number, location and time required for your procedure. You will have a fully private consultation with your nurse practitioner to confirm suitability for treatment. At this stage, we can then give you an exact price.

Please download our prices guide below if you would like more information.

Treatment Finance options are under review and may be available, please ask in your consultation for more details.

Mole, Skin Tag & Seborrheic Keratoses Removal

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