IPL Laser & Radio Frequency

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Laser and Radio Frequency (RF) energy are all used to treat and improve your skin.

Light & Radio Energy Treatments

Different wavelengths of light and sound energy are fantastic tools for targeting specific areas of the skin. Treatment can be on your skin surface or below in the dermis.

Laser IPL and radio frequency (RF) can be used alone or in conjunction with Botox and dermal filler as part of a mini face-lift procedure. This can give great results without any of the downtime associated with a normal surgical face-lift.

We use very advanced and technically complex machines which deliver the treatment using a hand held treatment head held against the skin.

Your Specialist practitioner will discuss your treatment options and over time we record all details and build up a profile of exactly what works best for you and your skin treatment goals.

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